2015 MMS Coach Training Schedule In the Works…

“I previously thought the MMS Coach Training would be just like other programs.  But on the contrary, the program keeps exceeding my expectations in so many ways.  It enhances my coaching ability from the inside out.  The program provides highly qualified mentors, coaches, and feedbackers with thousands of coaching hours of experience behind them.  Both my coaching ability and my business are experiencing exponential growth… and the best part is… I trust myself to do it my way!”

This is what Vitawat Kasemvudhi, CEO and Founder of Power in Me Co., Ltd., had to say about the MMS Coach Training.  Vitawat is currently enrolled as a participant in the ICF ACTP MMS Coach Training in Bangkok, Thailand, with Leaders: Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC, Michael Pomije, ACC, Lynn U. Stewart, PCC, and Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC.


Tentatively scheduled, Motivation Coaching Service, LP, has two Coach Trainings scheduled:

For those unable to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for three months to attend the MMS Coach Training, new remote training options are available.

Launch your coaching career, polish your coaching skills, and lead the successful, professional, and satisfying life you desire!

For more information contact:

  • Vitawat Kasemvudhi
    Email:  vitawat.kas@gmail.com
    Phone:  +668-1257-3390