Baby Boomer’s Bible to Life After 50

This is a book about staying young while gently adding years from the perspective of awareness, choice, and appropriate action. Through extensive research and interviews, the author has quantified ten underlying universal truths that determine the quality of the aging experience. This book invites the reader to examine their existing beliefs, make conscious choices, and create action plans to design their lives after 50.


If love is a Game what are the rules? Bestselling author Cherie Carter-Scott here provides the 10 rules of love to help us to create the happy, healthy and genuine relationships that we all desire. The 10 rules: You must love yourself first Negotiation will be required Relationships provide opportunities to grow Your relationship will be challenged by change You must nurture the relationship if it is to thrive Creating love is a process Renewal is the key to longevity Communication is essential Partnering is a choice You will also forget all this the moment you fall in love Based on 25 years of conducting healthy relationships workshops on creating, If Love is a Game, These Are the Rules features breakthrough advice, illustrated by heart-warming true stories destined to capture the hearts of women and men around the world.

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