Become One (E-book)

Become One: Claim the Drivers Seat of Your Life! Is about understanding, accepting, and managing the Sub-Personalities in your life as well as in your Coaching. This book by NY Times #1 Bestselling Author, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott explores how Sub-Personalities interact, encourage, sabotage, and relate within yourself and with those around you. If you’ve never heard of the concept of Sub-Personalities, are yearning for more on the subject, or have always wondered how to relate Sub-Personalities to your coaching, relationship, parenting, and other aspects of your life, you’re in for a real treat as you walk along the path to Become One with your true self!


Transformational Life Coaching is written by Chérie Carter-Scott and Lynn Stewart, PCC. This is the first coaching book written by two sisters who have been in business for 34 years! Their extraordinary coaching guide will teach you the strategies that students of MMS learn as well as the necessary tools of transformational life coaching.

Whether you are a professional coach, are interested in becoming a transformational coach or want to use coaching in your work, this is the ultimate coaching bible required for anyone who empowers people.

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