Mainstream Mindfulness

To live mindfully is to be present in every -thing you do. It means to be in the moment, fully conscious, aware, connected, and present to what is happening within you and in the environment surrounding you. To be mindful means that you have quiet between your ears, and you can listen to the stillness. To be mindful means that you can find peace within yourself when the outside world is chaotic, confusing, and cacophonous.

In this beautiful new book by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, you can start your journey to a more mindful, present and deliberate you.

Includes a Mindfulness test.


Everyone gets messages. From mothers to CEO’s, travelers to heads of countries. Whether you call it a hunch, intuition, or guidance, these messages are available to  all of us, at all times if you are willing to be connected and to listen to them. Learn how to recognize your messages and to differentiate them from the voices of the mind. This is the clarification that you have been seeking.

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