Mood Magnets

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC has always said, “Feelings are the lights on the dashboard of life.” This fun magnet allows you to light up your dashboard in a clever way at your home or office. The expressive faces and corresponding feelings like: Confident, Overwhelmed, Hopeful, and Exhausted, push you to ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” then, “What do I want?”

Purchase one of our Mood Magnets for yourself or one for each member of your household or office!


Everyone gets messages. From mothers to CEO’s, travelers to heads of countries. Whether you call it a hunch, intuition, or guidance, these messages are available to  all of us, at all times if you are willing to be connected and to listen to them. Learn how to recognize your messages and to differentiate them from the voices of the mind. This is the clarification that you have been seeking.

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